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From  the convenience and safety of your home and own comfortable piano, pursue your passion for music and elevate your piano playing skills to greater heights!

Online piano lessons are effective and efficient! I teach the same excellent methods offered in my in-person lessons, and while the medium is different, the product is the same!!

Troubleshooting technical problems are a breeze with the powerful scheme of quick-fix procedures from the 19th century. Its effectiveness is proven by almost instant-yielding results, thereby liberating students from the many long hours of unnecessary, tiresome and arduous practice.


Golden Age of Piano Playing

The Golden Age of Piano Playing in the mid-19th to mid-20 century saw the emergence of some of the greatest keyboard artists and musicians. An era of piano performance wizardry, the pianists' art lie in the fusion of beauty of movement, and beauty of tone. The principles of natural body motions, an effortless technique and rich golden tone are part of a celebrated pianistic tradition. We bring to teaching piano a unique 'brand' of piano playing derived from the unrivalled piano practices of the 19th century for a lifetime of musical fulfillment and enjoyment!

Advanced Online Piano Coaching for:     

  •  Abrsm Grades 5-8 (forthcoming 2021/22 syllabus)
  •  Abrsm & Trinity Diplomas
  •  Competition, Recitals & Auditions
  •  Performance Assessment/Evaluation
  •  Technique - Quick Fixes & Formulas
To Get Started.....
  •  A free meeting session to get acquainted.
  •  A short interview of a student's aims and aspirations in music learning.
  •  A discussion on choice of repertoire relevant to a diploma, degree, or                                                 preparation for an audition or competition.

Video & Whatsapp/Email Exchange Lessons

Record and send me a 5-10 minutes video of your playing. You will receive an audio, video or message response with detailed comments, suggestions and corrections within 48 hours.

Live Video Call Lessons
We will schedule a day and time to commence lessons via preferred video conferencing platforms Agora Video Call, FaceTime or Zoom.
What To Expect.......
  •  An approachable, amiable and friendly setting.
  •  Focused instruction, detailed correction, clear explanation and demonstration.
  •  Effective quick-fixes for technical and musical problems.
  •  Teacher-student dialogue interactions for enhanced and speedy learning,                      and to improve creative and critical thinking.
  •  Review Session (30 minutes) - a quick check/evaluation on a student's practice             and progress in-between lessons to hasten the learning process and save                  precious time.
  •  Monthly Progress Review- Monthly overall assessment of a student's progress              with directions and feedback on key areas to improve.                            
  •  Practice Checklist- lesson key points with practice directions sent to a student via         whatsapp/email after every lesson for easy review, and to assist in organized,             productive practice. Allow a response within 48 hours.
  •  Annotated score of a student's piece with instructions and suggestions on                     technique, musical style, fingering  schemes, dynamics, pedaling and more....
Piano Online Checklist:
  •  Any device with a built-in camera and microphone such as smartphone, tablet or              laptop.
  •  In Live Video Lessons ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection with the            camera showing your face, arm and hands on the keyboard.
  •  In Video/Email Exchange Lessons, be sure to include a view of your face, arm and hands in            the video to check on correct body motions and your technique.
  •  Music scores should be numbered both ways for either party to identify specific spots quickly           and easily during a lesson.
  •  The ideal rhythm for best yielding results is usually one lesson every 7-14 days. It is important        to maintain a regular interval between lessons for impressive and speedy progress.
  •  For international students from another country or continent, real time online lessons can be        arranged so long as our time-zone differences can be worked out.
  • Fees are paid on the first week of each month.
  • Any lessons missed will be replaced (by arrangement ) on a convenient day and time. There will be no fee deduction for lessons missed or a deferment of fees payment for the said month.

                    Lesson Plans & Pricing

+  Standard Support:   1). Monthly Progress Assessment.
+  Premium Support:  1). Weekly Practice Checklist.  2). Annotated Score with Practice Instructions.
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 Piano Online Feedback: 

Rickie is such an awesome Sifu who knows how to diagnose problems like a doctor (Piano Doctor!).

My previous teachers who never managed to fix my technical problems for more than 20 years, Master Rickie did it within one hour of lesson! I am blessed to be able to meet one of the Masters in my life and inculcate some basics that I've learnt and pass on to my students.

I always remember what he sad "THINK". This really cut down my practice time & helped me master the techniques faster.

Thank you Sifu for guiding me. You are such an amazing and aspiring Piano Master!

Taly Yap, (Principal, Baby Angel Music) Singapore

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