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  Students Testimonials  

The Transformation


"I joined Rickie Oui Music just 2 weeks before my Grade 3 exams.  I was really stressed then as my previous piano teacher was not confident I can pass at the rate I was going.  Luckily, my mom and I found Rickie Oui Music centre. After a few intensive lessons, I pass the exam. Since then, I have been with the centre as the teacher is really encouraging. My mom used to nag at me to practice piano, now I do it on my own accord as I enjoy it! "


Chloe Loh, 10 yr old, Singapore

Wonderful Teacher - Rickie


Rickie is truly a wonderful teacher. His teaching methods have proven to be unique and highly effective. My piano playing have improved immensely under his expert guidance... Thanks Rickie for all your efforts, guidance and fantastic teaching!

Karin Lim, ALCM, Australia

Under your nurturing guidance and meticulous tutelage, technical difficulties are obstacles of the past. Music now springs to live from printed pages with minimum effort. I approach the music of Bach, Mozart, Chopin and many composers with a completely renewed sense of purpose. The BEST decision I have ever made is to come under your wings and be empowered with your wise and patient instructions. Every lesson is most remarkable and illuminating.

Mark Sim ATCL, LGSMD(P), Singapore

It is "Magic"

Hungarian Method change my way of piano playing instantly! In only a week, I had improved much and fast. I am like a totally different person compared to the week before. It is magical!


When I was practising piano using the Hungarian approach, I began to realize there is so much tension, I was touching too deep, the tones were bad and without quality. Every time I played the piano, I was drained! Many years of practising wrongly have built bad habits and affected the quality of my sound.

Now I am very careful and aware to always play with the Hungarian Touch. I remember what Mr Rickie said about postures, hand position, and the GOLDEN rules of piano playing. After the transformative learning with Rickie, I enjoy playing the piano and finally I can hear nice sound coming from the piano. It is like a mechanism that is connected to each other. It changed my way of playing, in just a few minutes, not by years of practising. Truly: it is “Magic”. My progress in a week after adopting the Hungarian method is equal to years of practising the piano using the old way. I realised now that it is not about practising MORE, but it is about practising RIGHT! Many people say to be a good pianist is for the talented. But for me, it is for the one who knows the SECRET!

Thank you, Mr Rickie. I am grateful and lucky to know you!

Rasia Hakim, Indonesia


Rickie, Your 'concert artist' piano playing demonstrations are superb! I applied to my teachings all that you shared with us in the seminar, and truly, the Hungarian piano techniques work like magic! My students' playing transformed in an instant! Students are enjoying their lessons tremendously and parents are very happy with the transformation. I am grateful for your wholehearted and unreserved generosity in sharing with us your expertise and years of experience that has undoubtedly proved instrumental in the rapid advancement of my students' progress. Many, in a short period of time, have successfully advanced four grades above their current exam level! I can't thank you enough for the strings of distinctions from my students especially at the higher grades!

Shan Li LRSM, DipABRSM, ATCL, Singapore

Rickie, I was fascinated by your presentation on the " relaxation on piano playing" seminar. It was lively, humorous and easy to understand. I was captivated by your explanation of controlling the muscles of our hands to apply to piano playing. My students and I have found the techniques taught by you most useful. My studio is filled with sweet melodious tones, the effect was awesome.

Rickie, you are amazing!!! Through you, we are inspired to uncover the mystery of producing beautiful music on the piano. Thanks Rickie!

Ruby Lee Diploma AMus (Australia), ATCL, Malaysia

Thank you for your teachings, Sir!! Your techniques are simply AMAZING, I applied what I have learnt and taught them to my students too. I have been searching fervently for a teacher of your calibre but to no avail until I finally met you. There is no one who could solve technical problems like you do!! Thank you very much, Sir!!


Anna Koh LRSM(Perf), AMusTCL

Thankful Appreciation   from Teachers

Great Mentor for Piano Teachers


Having taught and played piano for more than 10 years, I have encountered never-ending problems with myself and my students! How to train students to play professionally and to very high standards? How to judge good or bad playing? I have watched great pianists on YouTube and on stage; I envy and admire their artistry, hoping to play like them! I practiced incessantly, but no matter how hard I worked, I failed to achieve anything near the skills of the pianists I greatly admired.

Until one day, right in front of my eyes, I was shocked and amazed to see someone who could play Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to such high standards! I was stunned by his agility, tone and touch and told myself, he is surely the teacher I am looking for!! Mr Rickie, you are not just a great pianist, but as mentor, you are able to demonstrate and explain clearly to me HOW to achieve the secrets and subtle intricacies of good piano playing! For the past 3 years, I have been attending Mr Rickie's seminars and classes. Everything he says regarding music is extremely precious and invaluable, so much so, it has cleared my doubts in piano playing and teaching.

I have excelled in my skills and gained exquisite, excellent knowledge in my years with Mr Rickie. I earnestly urge every passionate piano teacher to attend all seminars by Maestro Rickie!!

Keng Seng, ATCL, Malaysia


It is very rare to have a very fine teacher who can teach specific ways to acquire specific sounds nowadays. I was amazed, and still amazed, by your ability to change my playing within the first lesson, because I have never heard such tone, which I've always wanted, for years! What's more, with the newfound techniques, the sound of my playing improves during the course of my practice. I applied them to my teaching and my students were excited about the instant result, too. I'm very thankful for all the 'wonders' you have taught me, and each lesson is like a prelude to further discovery of new sounds! Thank you, Rickie!!!

Felicia Sukijung B.A.(Hons) in Music, DipABRSM, Singapore


Master Rickie, your guidance has taught me a lot about piano playing. I still practice everytime I have the chance, so that I don't forget your precious tips. Thank you! You are an amazing teacher, and you have helped me improve by leaps and bounds.

Yip He Hua (Grade 8 Distinction 2018)

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee


Sifu Rickie, I am greatly indebted to you for your guidance and dedication. I would not have obtained a distinction in my FRSM were it not for your invaluable lessons, which have expanded my musical horizon immensely. Thank you for your constant reminders on the great tradition of piano playing as well as gospel of piano teaching. Yes, I will always remember to be attentive, aware and conscious of the right touch, which in turn will give the correct stylistic sound.

I will not forget the precious knowledge you have imparted on the magical tool for tone quality, sonority and colour – The Pedal! Thank you for sharing your expertise on this important tool for dynamic strategy and showing me the wonders of effective pedalling, which has expanded my tonal palette tremendously. I will forever be grateful for the secrets on arm suspension and finger impulsion that you have unconditionally divulged to me. In piano playing, you have enabled me to soar to heights I never thought possible, and I can now “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!” THANK YOU!


Carolyn Lo FRSM distinction, Master of Music USA, Bachelor of Music Australia, FTCL, LRSM


Having gotten my FTCL approved, I would like to thank you, teacher Rickie, for setting me on the right path in my music pursuits. The various techniques, guidance and piano secrets that you have patiently imparted to me are very precious!

All these I remember and carry with me whenever I play the piano. Everything I learnt from you, I pass on to my students! The most memorable lesson would be our first lesson: clean and accurate finger work achieved instantly with arm suspension and key propulsion! Your innate talent for playing piano coupled with the knack of transferring knowledge to others, often with a sense of humor, makes lessons all the more impressionable and enjoyable!

Yiing Zhi FTCL, LTCL, ATCL, Malaysia

  Bach Seminar Feedback  

Thank you Mr Rickie for having this seminar! You have made me DARE to play and explore more Bach music, as it was hardly being taught by my previous teachers. Kudos to you, and I hope to learn many more secrets of piano playing from you!!

Sukim Chan Kim


Thank you Master Rickie for organising this Bach seminar! I have benefited so much from this event. Rickie is a world-class standard teacher and performer, who for decades, seriously studied and researched Hungarian piano techniques and the correct approach to playing Bach's pieces.

I have learnt so much from his inspiring teaching method, gaining valuable knowledge and musical growth for myself. Thank you Master Rickie Oui!


Alison Tan


Soli Deo Gloria (To God Be The Glory)!

JS Bach signature at the end of every composition! Do you know Bach’s name/symbol reflects the “Cross”?

Master Rickie Oui, Hungarian Technique Pedagogue, once again awed his workshop participants with his in-depth kowedge of J.S. Bach and Baroque Music.

Not only did J.S. and Baroque Music came to life during the workshop; Master Rickie also taught them the “HOW TO” (I.e. Techniques) achieve the various Affekt/Affects (emotions) of Bach’s music found in the Preludes and Fugues, Partitas, French Suites etc...

During the workshop, Master Rickie went into details on various Bach pieces demonstrating ways to play the pieces and bring out the colors, tones and emotions of the melody. Most importantly he taught the participants how to analyze the pieces and decide which articulation, affekts, and techniques to use. He also showed the participants how to bring out the rhetoric in the music.

In addition, he also skillfully relates Bach’s music to famous composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin & Brahms showing the workshop participants how their music are strongly influenced by Bach’s music.

Master Rickie’s workshop is always filled with surprises with his in-depth knowledge and performances. His mini performance never fails to mesmerize the participants enticing them to want to know more and asking for the next workshop!

This Composer Series Workshop is yet another eye-opening experience by Master Rickie Oui!


Taly Yap, (Principal, Baby Angel Music) Singapore

A mind-blowing seminar on Bach playing!!

Thank you to our great pedagogue Rickie Oui who brings us ‘LIGHT’ so that we could appreciate and experience the sublime beauty of Bach’s music!

Maestro Rickie Oui performs Bach with magnificent colours and good taste!

His in-depth knowledge and explanations of the different genres in Bach’s keyboard works was indeed illuminating and inspiring!

Bach used his whole life to present us these works. Maestro Rickie used his superb pianistic skills to unfold to us the secret of rendering Bach on PIANO!

Maestro Rickie, I will work harder to pass on the ‘LIGHT!’ Thank you for your hard work, your sharing. We are truly blessed to have you as our mentor!

Soli Deo Gloria!!

Ong Wan Ping - LLCM (London College of Music & Media)

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